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Parang La


This climb takes the traveller from Kaza over the 18,300 ft Parang La pass and into Ladakh. The route follows the traditional trade route between Ladakh and Spiti and there are some fantastic views from the high mountain source of the Pare Chu river.

From Spiti's steep gorges and stark desert environs, the landscape opens to become the high Tibetan plateau which makes up Ladakh. After days of trekking over the mountains, the journey ends at the breathtaking Tsomoriri Lake - truly a photographers paradise. Tsomoriri's fantastic vistas, vivid colours and abundant bird and wildlife will leave you with the impression of reaching Shangri-la as the lake is truly something from the land of the gods.

Itinerary Summary

Day 1: Kaza - Dumla (18km/4hrs)
Day 2: Dumla - Thaltak Meadow 4875M (7kms/5hrs)
Day 3: Thaltak - Jagtha - Bonrojen 5180M (14kms/7hrs)
Day 4: Bongrojen - Dak Karzong 4940M (10 kms/5hrs)
Day 5: Dak Karzong - Datang Yongma 4725M (12kms/5hrs)
Day 6: Datang Yongma - Chumik Shilde (16kms/5-6 hrs)
Day 7: Chumik Shilde - Tso Moriri 4510M (14kms/5hrs)
Day 8: Tso Moriri - Karzog 4527M (15 kms/6-7hrs)
Day 9: Karzog - Leh (213 kms/8-9 hrs)

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