Thatta : Hidden treasure of Seraj, Himachal Pradesh


I feel like I’m on top of the world. Honestly, I feel like I’ve climbed a giant mountain, and I’m just standing right on top with my arms wide open and breathing rarified .

Just the same feeling you experience once you are in Thatta, a village lying at the height of 7900 feet on top of a hill surrounded by mountains from all the sides. Thatta offers some breathtaking views of the Dahar Valley. In recent years this village has gained popularity amongst eco tourist and Hippies as it is very close to the famous Shattadhar.

How to reach?

From Delhi take a bus which is heading for Manali and get down at Aut which is around 28 Km before kullu. From Aut, you will find many buses to Thatta. The buses take a halt at Balichowki and then proceed for Thatta. After reaching Thatta you can trek all the way to Shattadhar, which is around 5 km or you can take a cab from village Thatta.I would suggest you trek all the way as it is all worth it.


Getting around Thatta, Seraj Himachal

The tarmac road ends at the start of Thatta village and one has to drive over rough road to Shattadhar. The whole Thatta village is located on a hilly terrain and there are no smooth roads. Also, the village is quite small and all places are easily accessible walking around. Get ready, pick a camera and go lost in nature!!!


Houses at Thatta Himachal

The village has become quite popular with travelers who are looking for a peaceful escape from daily life, meditation/yoga, and clean air. The visitors who come to Thatta are mostly backpacker from India, Israel and Europe. The distinct smell of Marijuana is the first impression of valley.



Things to do…

There is nothing much to do in Thatta than to explore the nature and surroundings. With every step you take there will an upsurge in love for this place.Such breathtaking views it provides of the beautiful Dahar Valley. In addition, as Thatta is becoming quite popular among the backpackers, many parties are being organized here.

Nearby Thatta, there are many treks you can choose from, Shattadhar being the most popular.



Where to stay?

With its proximity to the famous hippie Valley, tourism is growing at a rapid pace in Dahar valley. Massive construction work of guesthouses and hotels is under process. Currently there are few stay options, Dahar Heights Eco Camps & Huts being the favorite ones.


What to Eat ?

Most of the host provides you menu comprising of local and Indian food. However, food is expensive in Thatta as it takes quite an effort to bring raw materials up here.

Trying Maggi with a cup of tea at such altitude and chilly surroundings could be a moment you would cherish for entire life.

Best Time to visit

Thatta, Himachal has a pleasant weather throughout the year. The best time to visit Tosh is from April until October since in winters the whole village is covered in snow and becomes quite hidden. However, if you want to enjoy the snow, you can opt for November to February.

The pristine beauty of Thatta is untouched by modernization and fast-paced life. The hippie culture of this village will surely transport you another world.

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